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Revision & Restoration

Gearboxes, transmissions and other parts of machines and installations, don’t have eternal life. However, a properly performed revision can significantly extend the lifespan of such a machine or installation. In fact: in many cases a revision proves to be economically more efficient than a complete replacement.

And with us, revision goes way beyond just revising. Often, we are able to make improvements due to the use of state of the art engineering technology and the latest materials.   

In addition to revision, we can also be of service with regard to the restoration of old vehicles and machines, mills, bridges, locomotives, tractors and classic cars. Building on our years of experience, we copy In addition, we frequently cast classic engine blocks and cylinder heads which we have 3D printed in sand by means of 3D scanning and reverse engineering. 

Disassembly & Assembly

In addition to designing and producing parts, you can also rely on us for the (dis)assembly of parts. 

The revision of a gearbox for instance: based on our findings after disassembly, we will send you a proposal for a solid revision that will make your old gearbox perform as new.