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Whether it concerns gears with internal or external toothing, straight, spur or helical toothing up to almost 5000mm in diameter or – for instance – spline axles or gear racks of more than 10 meter…we specialize in all kinds of gears and toothing.

We supply these in single units and in small to medium sized series, in any quality desirable. For inspection we have a gear measuring machine in a climate controlled measuring chamber.

We specialize in deliveries in individual units: these generally have to be produced quickly and often without available drawings. Fortunately, our production process is flexible, and, thanks to our own engineering department, we are perfectly able of quickly calculating and customizing complete drives and gear boxes. Moreover, this department is ideally suited for resolving drive issues in all types of machines and installations.

In addition to the common straight and spur toothing, we specialize in the engineering and production of helical gears, also referred to as conical gears with spur and helical toothing. The most famous examples of that include: Zyklo Palloid, Palloid, Klingelnberg, Gleason, Modul Kurvex and Oerlikon toothing. We can produce and supply these both in hardened and unhardened editions (HPG-S of HPG). In addition, our engineers are able to fully calculate the gears or complete drive, using high tech simulation software, for instance to gain insight into the contact pattern and the forces applied to certain parts of the gear.

We supply all types of gear, up to a diameter of about 5 meter and pinion shafts up to about 10 meters long. 

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