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Our foundry specialists in hand-molded iron castings, in individual units and small series.

We melt all high-quality flake and nodular cast iron, optionally with the addition of alloys for greater strength and durability and bainitic nodular cast iron, especially suited for thin-walled castings.

In addition we are one of few foundries able to supply the casting fully machined.  All machining, including assembly is done entirely in our own machine factory. The benefits of this are obvious: faster lead time and less organizational costs, and no risk of rejection for the customer.

Of course, all this is done in accordance with the right certification, for instance with 3.2 certificate in accordance with NEN-EN, DIN 50049 and or in accordance with the classification societies and regulations such as ABS, or  Lloyds. And of course, complete with measurement report and other documentation.

3D sand printing for moulds and cores

To allow us to delivery very quickly, to cast more accurately and to prevent us from having to inform customers about the traditional limitations of casting, we have a 3D sand printer. The largest 3D printer in the Netherlands, to be precise. It allows us to print moulds and cores and it makes the production of a wooden pattern obsolete. 

A selection of the benefits of 3D printing: extremely fast delivery, extremely high level of accuracy, complete freedom of design and lower cost. 

For more information, please see our brochure on 3D sand printing.